What we do

A South African initiative leading towards a skilled future.

Footpath Development Trust, is situated in Johannesburg South Africa. We are a registered non-profit organisation dedicated to charity work.

The Trust was established four years ago by South Africans living abroad for the benefit of underprivileged South Africans in informal South African communities.

The financial support we receive from our benefactors have to date, enabled us to upskill 105 unemployed women to become competent and successful cobblers.

The creation of a training initiative to sponsor disadvantaged and unemployed black women to become creative informal entrepreneurs embodies the wish of our benefactors. They are enabled through informal education and creative fun-filled training to make the most of their new abilities towards self employment and successful social and economic transition.

Our Trustees and steering committee having a wide range of qualifications and experience has guided Footpath since its inception to achieve its objectives and delivery towards sustainable job creation and the making of creative informal entrepreneurs.

You can help us to make a difference. If you'd like to contribute to our organisation please email: ann@grobler.world

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Training Programme and Needs

Requirements for the successful delivery of the Cobbler Programme

  • Donations to supply FREE starting kits and shoe components
  • Donations towards transport
  • Free training facility (training room and bathroom facilities)
  • Steel tables and chairs
  • Electricity
  • Good access roads for the learners
  • Safe environment
  • Lock-up facilities
  • Free accommodation for our Cobbler trainers

Skills Programme: The Competent Cobbler - An Entrepreneurial Opportunity

Unit Title Level Credits
10006 Demonstrate an understanding of entrepreneurship and develop entrepreneurial qualities 1 2
10009 Demonstrate the ability to start and run a business and adapt to a changing business environment 1 3
15092 Plan and manage personal finances 1 5
10008 Write and present a simple business plan 1 7
11374 Sketch drawings and measure components footwear 2 11
11377 Identify and handle materials in footwear 2 13
243692 Assemble and join component parts 2 36
13169 Describe and discuss issues relating to HIV/AIDS, TB and sexually transmitted illnesses and their impact on the workplace 1 4
Total 81

Steering Committee

Steve Kurland


Carlene Kurland

Vice Chairperson

Floris du Toit

Financial Manager

Andy Rice

Media Manager

Wendy Clerk

Marketing Manager

Annemarie Grobler

Project Manager

Rebecca Kubatsi

Senior Cobbler Trainer

Glory Mthombeni

Cobbler Trainer

Leon Grobler

External Consultant

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Do you want to get involved? Or would you like to find out more about our Trust and its projects? Please contact us, and we'll be more than happy to send you any information you need:

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Tel: + 27 (11) 477 2888
Cell: + 27 (0) 82 552 6121
E-mail: ann@grobler.world
Fax: + 27 (0) 86 503 8139